The 2016 QARNNS Rose Bowl Tennis Tournament

Following the revival of the QARNNS Rose bowl Tennis Tournament last year, participants from all corners of the country once again gathered at HMS Temeraire, Portsmouth, on the 6th and 7th July to compete in the battle for the Rose bowl trophy. Personnel of all tennis ability levels arrived from Navy Command HQ, DMG(S), DMG(SW), CTC Lympstone, and RCDM to fight for the title of QARNNS Tennis Champion.

The 2016 Competitors

With a few changes made from 2015’s games the two day event kicked off with coaching by RN Tennis coach Cdr Nigel Bowen, before launching into male and female heats.  By the end of day one the men’s finalists had emerged, CPONN  Jason Ramdhayan and Lt Cdr Sandy Claridge, however a tense game between LNN Vicky Gillespie-Jones and Lt Cdr Sharon Fraser-Smith meant that the ladies’ heats were far from over!

Cdr Nigel Bowen coaches the hopefuls before the games start

Day two brought the completion of the women’s games amid scattered showers, with LNN Vicky Gillespie-Jones and Lt Cdr Fraser-Smith both going through, unbeaten, to play in the final. The mixed doubles commenced under the watchful eyes of the ladies from the QARNNS Association, with HNNS Captain Spencer and his wife attending as guests of Honour.

Lt Cdr Sandy Claridge who went on to win the Men's competetion

The clouds finally cleared to bring glorious sunshine to the finalists, with Lt Cdr Fraser-Smith winning the Ladies, Lt Cdr Sandy Claridge winning the Men’s, and LNN Zoe Griffiths and CPONN Jason Ramdhayan winning the mixed doubles.

Lt Cdr Fraser-Smith, Ladies Champion 2016

Lt Cdr Claridge, Men's Champion 2016

LNN Griffiths and CPONN Ramdhayan, Mixed Doubles Champions 2016 

The event concluded with the presentation of trophies and a much enjoyed buffet lunch, with the promise to return, bigger and better, next year. 


With grateful thanks to LNN Sam Macfarlane for this article