Primary Health Care Nursing

QARNNS working within Primary Health Care (PHC) are focused upon maximising the health of personnel and ensuring they are medically fit for Operations. PHC encompasses all aspects of healthcare from chronic disease management, force protection, well woman cervical cytology to travel medicine. These functions are delivered in our training, operational and non-operational environments and roles.

On joining or on commencing your career pathway within PHC, you will work within a Medical Centre at Base Ports in Plymouth Portsmouth or Faslane, at Royal Naval Air Stations in Culdrose or Yeovil or in the Joint HQ at Northwood. There are also opportunities to serve in Gibraltar and Naples during your career as a PHC nurse. As an autonomous practitioner you will be afforded the opportunity to work in a variety of other locations including deploying on board ships and on LAND deployments.

PHC within the QARNNS delivers many challenges, which are demanding but professionally satisfying. As your career progresses, you can expect to assume greater responsibility clinically and militarily whether it be leading a nursing team, deploying as a singleton practitioner (Maritime or Land) or leading on Healthcare Governance.

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