Ophthalmic Nursing

QARNNS Ophthalmic Nurses provide high levels of specialist nursing care to any patients who suffer an eye complaint or injury effectively providing appropriate first aid, assessment and examination in the deployed setting, and providing expert advice to support the deployed clinical team.

Preservation of sight is paramount once life and limb saving treatment has been performed and QARNNS ophthalmic nurses are key to providing this care whilst ensuring appropriate referral for further treatment as effectively and efficiently as possible.

On joining or on completion of Ophthalmic Specialist Nursing courses you will be employed in Defence Medical Group (DMG) clinical units based in Plymouth or Portsmouth.
Ophthalmic nurses can expect to be based both in ward and clinic settings developing their clinical skill set required for Operational deployment. There may be opportunities to develop autonomous practice as required by the Operational Capability.

Operationally you would deploy as a member of the nursing team on the Primary Casualty Receiving Facility (PCRF), RFA Argus. There will also be opportunities for you to deploy in support of LAND based operations.

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