Nurse Education

Lt Cdr Glendinning, the Nurse Education Adviser (NEA) is responsible for post registration training for QARNNS and oversees the Post Registration Selection Board (PRSB).


The PRSB is held twice a year and is where individuals are selected for specialist training or further education post registration and funding is agreed. Funding is allocated via the Statement Of Training Requirement (SOTR) at least a year in advance and is based on the Service requirement for training to meet Service need, this is currently based on the numbers for each speciality for DMS 20 to meet the deployed roles of the QARNNS. This formal application process requires the applicant to submit a professional educational profile. In the past this has been misinterpreted as submission of an entire professional portfolio. While the work put into these was commendable much of the information held within them was not needed for the PRSB process. In 2015 an e-portfolio was trialed and proved successful. It was designed so that individuals submit only what is required for PRSB and enabled deployed personnel to engage with the PRSB process, thus reducing the impact of deployment upon career pathways. The portfolio consists of 3 key documents: MOD 1797 External Training Application Form; Electronic CV - a maximum of 2 sides; Supporting documentation i.e. SNA Recommend. All candidates should be familiar with RNTM 096/14 and ensure they have met the requirements prior to submitting their e-portfolio.

It is recommended that all QARNNS engage with NEA RN at their earliest opportunity in order to initiate the process for specialist training. E-portfolio documentation and guidance is available from NEA RN and is distributed in advance of the submission date. Once submitted the e-portfolio is reviewed by NEA, is then considered at the sService Scrutiny Board prior to submission at PRSB.

Those individuals wishing to undertake a Masters programme, PhD or Advanced Practice will be invited to attend an interview at PRSB and deliver a 10 minute presentation which should include: A brief overview of applicant’s professional and academic resume; The reason for specific course choice and future utility of course to individual and the Service; Possible dissertation / research areas.

The next PRSB will be in October 2016 – dates will be promulgated in due course

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