Medical Nursing

QARNNS working in Medical Nursing provide high levels of clinical care across a wide range of Medical Nursing sub specialties, preparing medical nurses for their key operational role leading the nursing management of disease and non-battle injury casualties, and providing expert advice to support the deployed clinical team.

The Medical Nurse has a broad remit that requires them to be knowledgeable in cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology and respiratory medicine including developing the comprehensive knowledge and skills for the physical assessment of patients as well as extended ability to manage acutely ill patients.

On joining or on completion of Medical Specialist Nursing course, you will be employed in Defence Medical Group (DMG) clinical units based in Plymouth, Portsmouth or at the Royal Centre of Defence Medicine based in Birmingham.

Medical nurses can expect to be employed in Acute Medical Units, Respiratory High Care Unit and other sub specialist wards supporting their clinical development.  Work is ongoing to develop additional areas of clinical practice, including tropical medicine, haematology and infectious diseases as required by the Operational Capability.

Operationally you would deploy as a member of the nursing team on the Primary Casualty Receiving Facility (PCRF), RFA Argus.  There will also be opportunities for you to deploy in support of LAND based operations.

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