Intensive Care Nursing

QARNNS nurses working in Intensive Care, or Critical Care, look after patients experiencing one or more organ failures, and require level 2 or 3 nursing and medical care. We provide advanced respiratory, circulatory and renal support, and manage a range of complex conditions.

An Intensive Care Nurse can work in a variety of locations and teams, ranging from small basic life and limb saving surgical teams, to fully equipped ITUs which rival major trauma centres in the UK. We have personnel in major trauma units, neurology, cardiac ITU and can arrange placements in paediatrics. Many military staff also undertakes additional duties such as outreach, research, follow-up clinic, education teams and link nurses.

Outside of routine clinical duties, there are plenty of contingency roles available to you, including PCRF, CFSG, VHR, R2A. ITU nurses are involved in the Maritime In Transit Care (MITC) project – looking at RN personnel transporting critically ill patients back to Role 4 in the UK, which is currently in development. Many of these commitments offer autonomous practice and increased leadership and management opportunities.

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