Infection Prevention and Control Nursing

QARNNS working in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) are at the forefront and heart of patient safety. It is a high profile and dynamic speciality in which leadership and evidenced based practice is at its core. IPC nurses in the RN are required to adapt to Maritime and Land environments, delivering advice and reacting to healthcare infections and communicable disease outbreaks. Reducing and preventing the spread of healthcare infections is a priority for all IPC nurses and a key element of the role is to deliver effective education and training.

IPC is embraced by the Chain of Command and it is critical that IPC nurses advise command on all risks; informing the risk management process. They are required to reduce risks in order to keep healthcare personnel and patients safe, in order to maintain  operational effectiveness no matter where the RN/RM/RFA are deployed.

Candidates for IPC require a high level of leadership, interpersonal skills and experience as a link nurse. If selected they will be expected to undertake clinical placements in Secondary Care, Primary Care and Health Protection whilst undertaking a post registration course in IPC.

On completion of a consolidation period there are posts within MDHU IPC Teams or at Navy Command Headquarters as the policy and governance lead for IPC.

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