QARNN celebrates women's achievements in the RN

HMS Raleigh Phase one instructor PONN Leanne Parry has represented the Royal Navy at the Business in the Community Workplace Gender Equality Awards Dinner, 2016 in London.  PONN Parry was selected to attend the event, held in April, by the Naval Servicewomen's Network alongside Lt Cdr Nicola Cullen from BRNC Dartmouth.


The dinner celebrates the achievements of the organisation over the last 25 years while also highlighting the continuing issues companies, employers and employees face in achieving gender equality across all public and private sector organisations. During the evening awards were presented to companies and employees who had gone above and beyond to implement change in their sectors.


PO Parry said:  “The evening was an inspirational insight into the focus and aims of companies, featuring some incredible speakers from a variety of organisations discussing their own journeys, shortfalls, successes and achievements in this often challenging and complicated area of employment. Ultimately it represented the dedication and hard work that goes into achieving gender equality and that the needs of each and every employee should be at the heart of making effective and long term changes.”


The Royal Navy and the British Army feature in the 2016 Times Top 50 list of Employers for Women. Organisations submit detailed information on their internal processes and their external activity to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion and create opportunities for women in a wider context. Each entry is stringently marked against a framework of best practice and assessed anonymously by a team of gender diversity experts within Business in the Community. The Times Top 50 list is unranked and compiled in alphabetical order.


PO Parry joined the Royal Navy 10 years ago as a member of the Queen Alexandra Royal Navy Nursing Service (QARNNS).  Since then she has served ashore at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine and the Defence Medical Group (South West).  PO Parry has also served on board HMS Illustrious and on operations in Afghanistan as part of  Operation Herrick.  She is now passing on her military skills to the Royal Navy’s new recruits as they make their transformation from civilians into sailors at HMS Raleigh.


She said:   “I feel very honoured to serve in an organisation leading the way in Diversity and Inclusion and certainly feel my gender has no impact or influence in my employment. The Naval Servicewomen's Network (NSN) represents the hard work and dedication to the support of Women in the RN and our commitment to continue to improve the recruitment and retention of female personnel. It's 'Share, Inspire, Empower' approach promotes an awareness of the successes Women in the RN are achieving and certainly has a positive influence on my own goals and future aspirations.”


If anyone would like to know more about the NSN, you can follow them on Twitter (@Navy_Women), on Facebook (Search 'Naval Servicewomen's Network' or click here) or by e-mail ([email protected]).