DMG(S) Military Clinical Conference 2016

QARNNS from Defence Medical Group South (DMG(S)) held their Military Clinical conference recently at HMS Nelson. The day consisted of guest speakers presenting to tri-service healthcare professionals from DMG(S). The first presentation encompassed human factors and the effects of how, as health professionals, we often prioritise the patient over our own personal health and how the risk factors of the patient increase as an end effect. Following this, a review on the NICE trauma guidelines was given. Along with hearing about current guidelines, future guidelines were discussed along with the restrictions between battlefield and NHS delivered trauma healthcare. The second half of the day comprised of hearing about the exciting research projects undertaken in Nepal in regards to tests being run under extreme cold and altitude conditions. Lastly talks were given on the difficult rescues at Alton Towers and the Humanitarian crisis in the Aegean sea showing how adaptable forces and healthcare personnel have to be in order to deliver effective life saving treatment in difficult situations. The day was followed by an enjoyable dinner for Officers and Seniors in the wardroom at HMS NELSON.