To boldly go...Part 1

Nurses from the QARNNS are currently deployed with the Commando Forward Surgical Group (CFSG) on Ex BOLD ALLIGATOR, a major amphibious exercise in North Carolina. The CFSG provides a high readiness life and limb saving surgical capability to the Lead Commando Group of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Working with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade of the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the CFSG is undertaking interoperability training and Defence Engagement with their US counterparts in the USMC’s 2nd Med Battalion. Lead by Lt McColgan, Head of Dept for Resus, the team have provided developmental training in pre hospital trauma management to an international audience. There have also been several demonstrations of the full surgical capability to distinguished guests from the UK, USA and Mexico. A brief respite offered an opportunity to partake in a cultural visit to Washington DC during which personnel attended an American football game, toured the White House and saw the major sights of the Capital. Ex BOLD ALLIGATOR is about to enter its final phase, during which the CFSG will provide more training and an integrated surgical capability with the U.S. team as part of the main amphibious assault. Lt Brooking, Head of Dept for Intensive Care and Senior Nursing Officer for the CFSG, will also spend a few days embedded with the USMC Shock Trauma Team as a member of the validating team for the exercise. You can read more about the experiences of the CFSG in part 2 of this article…watch this space!