The R2A team constitutes up to 18 personnel capable of delivering ‘consultant led’ damage control resuscitation including surgery on a number of platforms. This is supported by a range of medical and nursing interventions, utilising enhanced laboratory and imaging facilities. Importantly, there is an enhanced holding capability, usually for up to 48 hours to mitigate against the extended timelines to a Role 3 facility. They provide a level of care between Role 1 and Role 3 within the casualty evacuation chain when required. R2A teams can be deployed on a number of Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary platforms. Teams have exercised and deployed on HMS OCEAN and HMS ILLUSTRIOUS within the Royal Navy and also on RFA FORT VICTORIA and RFA CARDIGAN BAY within the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. The standard set up is 2 resuscitation beds, 1 operating table and 2 ITU beds (2-1-2), although this can be adjusted according to operational requirements.

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