Supporting 3 Cdo Bde Royal Marines

QARNNS nurses provide medical support to the Royal Marines as part of the Commando Medical Group at Role 1 and Role 2 levels of care. The Medical Reception Station (MRS) provides deployed Primary Health Care in an operational environment and the Commando Forward Surgical Group (CFSG) is an advanced field hospital which provides life, limb and eyesight saving surgery, before onward move to a standard hospital, or to the PCRF (the Royal Navy casualty ship), for more extensive treatment.

Royal Navy clinicians based ashore around the UK could be called forward at short notice to support the CMG, working according to their speciality. The MRS employs Primary and Mental Health nurses; secondary healthcare is provided in the the CFSG which boasts an Emergency Department, Operating Theatre and a Critical Care Unit, all supported by a mobile laboratory for testing blood and an ability to provide a limited number of transfusions.

The idea of having a highly mobile, tent based, hospital facility is that it can be put up and taken down quickly. This allows it to be positioned as close as possible to the fighting troops as possible, reducing the timelines to access life saving medical care and increasing the chances of survival of injured troops.

The QARNNS are also playing an active role as part of Medical Squadron, Commando Logistics Regiment with nurses employed as a Troop OC and in a newly formed Healthcare Governance Role in the Command Team. 


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