Maritime Ops

The sea is a vast area of influence covering two-thirds of the planet. The Pacific Ocean alone covers 67 million square miles and all landmasses on earth are open to attack or pressure from the sea. It is within this environment that the Royal Navy operates, at sea and in those areas sensitive to influence from the sea (the littoral).


Providing medical care to UK personnel in this vast environment is a complex business and QARNNS personnel support military operations worldwide at Roles 1, 2 and 3, both ashore and afloat.


Role 1 is Primary Health Care and includes medical care at the point of wounding by medical personnel.


Role 2 provides damage control resuscitation and life, limb and eyesight saving surgery. This can take place in a mobile, land based facility or in a small deployed capability at sea.


Role 3 care is provided at sea onboard RFA Argus or in a more traditional hospital environment and encompasses a wider range of medical specialities and services. In addition, our personnel are fully integrated in UK home based Operations, providing ongoing and rehabilitation care at Role 4.


Recently our personnel have been deployed on operations to combat Ebola Virus Disease, assisting EU support to migrants at sea in the Mediterranean as well recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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