Exercise Achilles

On 7 Sep 16, DMG(SW) made the long journey up to Marne Barracks Catterick to compete in Exercise Achilles – the inter-DMG pentathlon. The event saw teams representing DMGs from up and down the country taking part in five arduous event back to back. DMG(SW) put forward five individuals to take part in all aspects of the competition and a relay team who passed the baton through the different elements.

Ex Sharpe's Path

Ex Sharpe's Path is an educational tour of the Peninsular War battlefields of Spain and Portugal currently being researched and visited by a group of personnel from DMG(SW). While for many the Peninsular Wars might be more synonymous with the adventures of Bernard Cornwall's fictitious character Sharpe, the reality is very different.


So, you want to be a QARNNS Officer?

The training of QARNNS officers at BRNC has changed recently, with an extension to 30 weeks,  falling into line with Initial Officer Training (IOT) for the rest of the Fleet.  One of the first to undertake this training is S/Lt Miller who provides a very personal account of his experiences below:


Navy Netball Overseas

The Royal Navy Netball Associations’ Interservice victory in RAF Cosford back in March this year could not have came at a better time for the team, as they got to celebrate by going on their tour to Fiji in June 16. The RNNA tour every 3 years to bring through grass route players, experience different styles of play from different nations and to promote the Royal Navy overseas.

Only 100km to Go Ladies

Trailwalker is often described as the ultimate physical and mental challenge. My fellow team mates and I formed the team 4 Doris’s in a day and consequently embarked upon one of the toughest challenges we had ever set ourselves.

Ex Kernow Paddle...DMG(S) take to the water

Adventurous training (AT) is key to maintaining the operational effectiveness of the Royal Navy... it pushes individuals out of their comfort zones and develops confidence, courage and motivation. A contingent from DMG(S) in Portsmouth recently undertook an AT activity and in this blog, A/LNN Hyde highlights the Unit's experiences of the sea kayaking expedition...