Student Mental Health Nurse nominated for national award

MA Holly Thurgood is currently completing her 3rd year of Mental Health nurse training at the Defence School of Healthcare Education. Here, she explains about her recent nomination for a national award.


Over the past three years I have worked incredibly hard to pass both my academic and clinical work to the highest standard. I have had the opportunity to work within a wide range of clinical areas and volunteer roles whilst working alongside nurses and healthcare professionals, whom have taught me and helped me progress to become the mental health nurse I aspire to be.

In April 2016 I was immensely humbled to be informed I had been finalised as 1 of 8 student nurses in the country for ‘The 2016 Nursing Times, Student Mental Health Nurse of The Year’. As a finalist I was invited to attend the awards ceremony at the Hilton, Parklane and I was joined and supported by Lt Gilbert and Lt Taborda. The day was a celebration of nursing at which we were treated to a three course meal, champagne and inspirational speeches from exceptional nurses.

I didn’t win the award on the day, but I still felt like a winner, having spent the day with some of the hardest working, caring and inspiring people I have ever met. The day has encouraged me to never say I am ‘just’ a mental health nurse, I am extremely proud to have the privileged to work with people who with mine and other carers support will live well with their illness. I leave DSHE in October to join The Department of Community Mental Health, Portsmouth eager to progress in my vocation as a Royal Naval mental health nurse. 


Well done Holly! 


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