SNO news is good news...Wards update

Welcome back to the “SNO news is good news” blog. Rather than read about our time in South Sudan according to the SNO for the next few months, I have asked every department to break up my Northern Irish ramblings by giving a quick synopsis on their time in theatre.  The following blog is written by CPONN Robinson who is currently the Head of Department (HoD) of the ward team (pictured above).

Lt Cdr McCullough

Senior Nursing Officer  (SNO)


It’s been 2 weeks now since the main party of the ward staff have arrived in theatre, stand fast S/Lt Harding who may make an appearance sometime toward the end of February!

Never mind, I think we’ve found a work around with this little fella (pictured below!) who clearly wanted to take her place and join the team on Ward 2.  Unfortunately, his skills were not up to scratch and he hadn’t completed his DONC.

The final chalk are obviously now getting adept at dealing with critters like these having had their original flight postponed for the ferocious Gecko found on their plane.

PONN Bailey survived the ordeal that was his first week in the R2 Hospital with only Consultants for company as part of the advance party, closely followed by CPONN Robinson who experienced a baptism of fire! Yes, he actually had to look after patients along with the SNO, Lt Cdr McCullough, and members of the ITU team. How very surreal!

Patient throughput for the first month of Op TRENTON 4 has been steady as was expected. In between patients there is time for extra duties such as water bowser duty; this is a critical role as the water situation is the number one issue for us at present.  As the SNO alluded to it is ship showers all the way.  

We keep busy alongside clinical care by designing and running locally employed civilian (LEC) training. Most of the locals employed as LEC’s were nurses and midwives before they came to the POC. The ward staff have worked with SNO to ensure that we could put together an agreed timetable of study sessions that the LEC’s can attend to maintain their skills and knowledge. PONN Jennings and LNN Rice delivered the first session on hand hygiene and management of D&V (Below, LNN Rice delivers training on deployment).



This week LNNs Belcher and Davis delivered anatomy of the heart, common diseases and treatment.


The next update will be along soon... watch this space!