SNO news is good news 6...Royal Wedding update!

The Nation has gone #RoyalWedding crazy and the QARNNS have their own way of sending congratulations to the happy couple... In this latest update from the team in South Sudan, read all about how SNO news may be no more, changes in the Hospital, the return of some of the staff, medal parades and some very special games as we're back with the latest update from Lt Cdr McCullough, read on!

Well, it is all change at the Role 2 Hospital... we have said goodbye to the 4A personnel. The new Command element, the 4B consultants and the 5 new staff have hit the ground running and have happily found their feet. This month has brought with it significant changes not least in the fact that I have now changed from my role as SNO to OC hospital, this is a fabulous opportunity for me and  great news for all QARNNS who aspire to hold sub unit or Operational Command in the future.

this is a fabulous opportunity for me and  great news for all QARNNS who aspire to hold sub unit or Operational Command in the future.

For those of you worried about “SNO news is good news” and the effect this may have on the blog, I can confirm there is no appetite to change the title and it will continue in earnest until Trenton 4 come home.

Alongside the clinical element of running a hospital, this month has revolved around the logistical drawdown of the R2(+) to a R2(-). Without going into too much detail, this just means that the R2 hospital has reduced its capacity (not capability). This drawdown has been planned throughout the first half of this deployment and on previous Trenton’s. Finally on 1 May, the work began to remove the excess equipment including the CT Scanner for redeployment back to the UK. The greatest difference with this new configuration is that it is much smaller and we have less staff to man the complex but the reality is that the patient throughput has been low and the UN aeromedical evacuation chain is extremely robust so the likelihood of ever filling all the beds at one time is the result of an extremely bad day at the office!  

The biggest change this month will be the redeployment of the remaining nursing staff and medical assistants back to the UK. They have been amazing and it has been a privilege to be their SNO. It is not my aim to make this blog replicate an Oscar’s acceptance speech but there is something incredibly rewarding about taking personnel who have never deployed before, sharing knowledge with them and then standing back and watching them come up with some amazing pieces of work in their quest for improving patient care. 

If this last week is anything to go by, I can only imagine that the rest of the tour will go incredibly quickly and will continue to have lots of moving parts. Things are changing at the Role 2 hospital and it will be exciting to see how this new configuration develops.

Eyes Right!

As 13 of us have been here since January, we successfully qualified for our UN South Sudan medal. These meant one thing, parade training. We spent a few days last week preparing for the Bentiu medal parade, RN and Army drill has a place-although not always together, but we successfully overcame this hurdle. I have never been as scared to call an “eyes right” in my life but WO1(MA) Roper had the “eyes front” and together we nailed it. It was extremely hot day and we got to show the hospital off to invited guests, then we had a highland games competition with Ghanaian and Mongolian personnel, the UK were victorious. It was a brilliant day, the RN nurses and medics did us proud and they definitely stood a little taller when “heart of oak” was played. We had a number of first time “medallists” with us so it was a very special day for them and one which we were very happy to share with them.   

The next few weeks will continue at pace with visits, inspections and a much smaller team. But no matter how small the team, the “team works”. Although spelling out a M&H in tribute to Meghan and Harry and the Royal Wedding was slightly more challenging with smaller numbers!