SNO news is good news 5...ITU update

ITU Team in South Sudan

Meet the ITU Team in South Sudan

The ITU team: From left to right (or port to starboard!!) LNN Kennedy-Hay, Lt Perrin, Lt Col Jeyanathan, PONN Mitchell and PONN Sutherland.


After a 3 day journey I arrived as the last member of the ITU team in theatre. I went to the hospital to say hello to my colleagues and was very surprised to find them preparing a fully ventilated patient for evacuation. This was a shock as I hadn’t expected the ITU to be that busy and certainly wasn’t expecting it on my first day! Throughout all the pre-deployment training we had wondered how busy we would be and if we would be bored. I can definitely say that now deployed we have been busy.


However, we still have spare capacity. We have had the opportunity to visit our nursing colleagues in the Ghanaian camp. They delivered teaching on infected wounds and supplied us with Ghanaian sweets treats and cold drinks (a rare treat in Bentiu). They also visited our camp for teaching on aeromedical evacuation and the Royal Navy along with the Mongolians.


ITU team training with Ghanian and Mongolian Colleagues


PONN Sutherland, along with our intensivist consultant Lt Col Jeyanathan, have had great success with a training programme that they have designed and led at the local civilian hospital in Bentiu for the doctors, nurses, medical assistants and health care professionals working there. This has been very warmly received and has now developed into a collaborative project which will have a positive impact on the future of healthcare in Bentiu.


PONN Mitchell did his best to make the matelots feel at home in a landlocked country by piping the first Royal Naval sunset in South Sudan. This is now a regular event in Bentiu!


Piping Sunset in South Sudan


Finally, but not least, Lt Perrin has been busy in the department coordinating full kit musters and working on the common assurance framework with the SNO in her role as healthcare governance officer.


All in all a very busy and challenging time for all those deployed on the UN Mission in South Sudan, but typical of deployments as a nurse in the Royal Navy! Fancy nursing with a difference? Find out more about how to become a QARNN by clicking on this link... QARNNS Recruitment