QARNNS get green light to support Commandos

QARNNS can find themselves nursing in a wide variety of situations across the Globe, whether on board a Ship or anywhere the Royal Marines might deploy. Here, CPONN Chambers, an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist Nurse attached to the Commando Forward Surgical Group (CFSG), describes his experiences while on Exercise Green Dragon with Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines.


After a lot of hard work by members of pretty much every cadre of the Royal Navy Medical Branch the CFSG successfully validated their capability while on exercise recently. The validation was undertaken by personnel from Navy Command and 16 Air Assault Brigade, the Army's Role 2 Light Manouvre Medical Treatment Facility. This exercise marked the culmination of a comprehensive training pipeline for the QARNNS personnel involved. 


QARNNS personnel attached to the CFSG must be robust, motivated and self-reliant.


The training pipeline can be considered in two sections; military and clinical. The military section involves skill at arms training on the SA80 and Glock pistol, field craft and sea survival. These skills are essential for all personnel so that they are able to be able to conduct themselves in any environment, whether operating on a Type 23 Frigate or more austere environments such as the desert, to protect themselves, their patients and contribute to the security of the facility.   


QARNNS undertake a wide variety of military and clinical training.

The clinical training involves various courses such as BATLS, PILS, ILS, EMSB which is in addition to the training received on placements in DMG units, where they receive exposure to dynamic and challenging clinical environments.  


The fact that the QARNNS personnel do not work on a day to day basis with their colleagues from Commando Medical Group demonstrates the requirement for, not only hard skills, but also soft skills. The ability to fit into an unfamiliar team in a challenging environment is a must for all QARNNS. 


Having successfully completed Exercise Green Dragon, the CFSG is now validated to provide Damage Control Resuscitation and Damage Control Surgery at 5 days’ notice anywhere in the world in support of 3 Commando Brigade. 


You can read more about Ex Green Dragon on the Royal Navy Website here.  Alternatively, you can find out more about Nursing with a difference and a possible career in the QARNNS here.