What is AT? 

Adventurous Training, also known more commonly as AT amongst military personnel, is an opportunity available to everyone no matter what branch or rank.  Everyone is given up to 5 days of AT per year.  This is on top of your annual leave days so you won’t miss out on any of your own personal time.  It can be organised as a group activity through your unit or ship, but can also be organised individually joining other members of the fleet and the other two services who are wishing to push themselves further.

"Challenging outdoor training for Service personnel in specified adventurous activities that incoropates controlled exposure to risk, in order to develop: leadership; teamwork; physical fitness; moral and physical courage; as well as other personal attributes and skills that are vital to the delivery of Operational Capability."

(Joint Services Adventurous Training Scheme, Oct 2011)

Adventurous training is offered to everyone within the military with a wide range of activities to push you as an individual and as a team. The link below will show you what there is to offer as explained by TwoSix.tv.

Click here for video about adventurous training.

Nurses from DMG (SW) away on AT in Bavaria with fellow RAF personnel just after completing a canoe trip. June 2015.

Why do AT?

AT provides the means to develop necessary individual and leadership skills within a controlled risk environment.  It is recognised not only by the Royal Navy but also by the other two services, Army and RAF, and is known to enhance operational capability by enhancing the physical and mental robustness of Service Personnel.

It is also recognised that AT contributes to recruiting, operational stress management, personal development and retention, all of which serve to ensure an enduring military covenant throughout the careers of Service personnel.

It was in 1973 that The Joint Service Adventurous Training Charter (JSAT Charter) was first introduced; it has now evolved over time to become JSP 419.  This is the official military documentation which provides the conceptual framework, guidance and associated risk management mechanisms to deliver Adventurous Training across the Joint Service environment.

The aim of JSAT to “develop individual courage and leadership skills through controlled exposure to risk in a challenging outdoor environment in order to enhance Operational Capability.”

There are also opportunities through taking part in AT to gain qualifications at:

  • Foundation level.  Foundation courses provide the necessary skills to allow a Service person to be a competent team member in a led group.
  • Leader level. Leader courses qualify individuals to lead groups, risk manage and operate as equals in authorised activities.
  • Instructor level.  Instructor courses qualify individuals to lead, instruct and risk manage groups in authorised activities.

AT is an opportunity open to everyone and is great fun with very rewarding outcomes not only personally but also professionally.

So what AT can I do?

There are nine adventurous activities which are funded by Defence as the foundation of the JSAT programme.  This can then train individuals on formal courses to a standard that enables them to lead and instruct others within their respective organisations.

Each Service has delegated sponsorship responsibility for the following:

Royal Navy  - Offshore Sailing
                     - Sub Aqua Diving

Army             - Canoeing/Kayaking
                     - Caving
                     - Mountaineering
                     - Ski touring

RAF              - Paragliding/Parachuting
                     - Gliding
                     - Mountain Biking

So what else has the Royal Navy got to offer?

The Royal Navy has also created Naval Outdoor Centre Germany (NOCG).  The Naval Outdoor Centre Germany is the Royal Navy's Adventurous and Challenging activities Centre situated in the beautiful Allgäu area of Bavaria Germany. Its aim is to provide members of the Naval Service the opportunity to participate in Adventurous activities and in doing so expose individuals to risk, occasionally operating outside of their comfort zones. We achieve this by offering the opportunity to participate in winter and summer based activities over a 5 day training package.

The first surprise for many will be the fact that personal contributions will be £0, that's right nothing!! We are supported by both the RN/RM Sports Lottery and the RN/RM Charity, so join today!

During the summer months at NOCG, from May – October the activities include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Kletterseigin
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • AT Proficiency Courses

During the winter months at NOCG, from December – April the activities include:

  • Skiing - at novice level
               - at intermediate level
               - at advanced level
               - at instructor level.

LNN Bisset from DMG (SW) rock climbing in Bavaria 2015






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