Korean War

               Archive of Photographs from the Korean War

                                      1950 – 1953

kor 1    kor 2

HMHS MAINE                                           HMHS MAINE coming in to dock at Kure, Japan


kor 3       kor 4

HMHS MAINE: The original five QARNNS        Top: Miss Ruth Carter   Bottom: Miss Barbara Penn

kor 5    kor 6

HMHS MAINE Matron Miss Woodgate          HMHS MAINE: A few miles off Pusan, one Sister became ill                                                                          the Wardmaster, Mr Jones, dressed up to replace her!


kor 7    kor 8

HMHS MAINE VIP visit                                   HMHS MAINE VADs

 kor 9

                    HMHS Maine. 

          The first six Naval VADs to serve at sea.  

      Second left Tressa Purcell, third right Head VAD Dorothy Haigh

   kor 10

       HMHS MAINE Pardre and MO in the landing craft with a patient.

kor 11     kor 12

HMHS MAINE: Patient landing at sea              HMHS MAINE unloading in Japan