SNO news is good news 6...Royal Wedding update!

The Nation has gone #RoyalWedding crazy and the QARNNS have their own way of sending congratulations to the happy couple... In this latest update from the team in South Sudan, read all about how SNO news may be no more, changes in the Hospital, the return of some of the staff, medal parades and some very special games as we're back with the latest update from Lt Cdr McCullough, read on!

SNO news is good news 3

Senior Nursing Officer, Lt Cdr McCullough, shares her latest update from South Sudan... read more in SNO news is good news..3!

We have been in theatre 8 weeks and I can honestly say that it has flown by. This first month has been about meeting the other Troop contributing countries and understanding how our medical facility fits into the wider UN mission in Bentiu.

SNO news is good news...Wards update

Welcome back to the “SNO news is good news” blog. Rather than read about our time in South Sudan according to the SNO for the next few months, I have asked every department to break up my Northern Irish ramblings by giving a quick synopsis on their time in theatre.  The following blog is written by CPONN Robinson who is currently the Head of Department (HoD) of the ward team (pictured above).

SNO news is good news...

In this first blog, Senior Nursing Officer (SNO) Lt Cdr Karen McCullough, describes the team's arrival and first couple of weeks of the deployment.


"There were times last year building up to this deployment where I thought I would never survive to get out the door due to the frantic nature of preparing for a UN deployment with 6 months notice to move".