Branch Manager Update

The Medical Branch Manager Winter/Spring 16 update

The Medical Branch Manager is Cdr Alistair Witt who works at Med Div, Navy Command HQ.

Officers: The numbers of Officers (strength) continues to rise in a positive direction with personnel entering from all routes including Direct Entry, Senior Upper Yardsman and Service transfers. As mentioned in the last update the SUY course at BRNC has now changed to 7 weeks.

Ratings: The number of Ratings (strength) is almost in manning balance (i.e. it meets the total required) however this masks the true picture of being overborne in some specs and underborne in others.

Specialist Nurses: We continue to have urgent requirements to increase numbers in Intensive Care, Burns & Plastics, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Mental Health (MH) and Primary Healthcare. Those interested should contact NEA(RN) to express an interest; alternatively speak to the relevant Specialist Nurse Advisor. As we approach full manning in certain specs and the numbers required to go through training reduce, there will be stiff competition for training in certain specs in the future.

Since the last newsletter one of the ITU research nurse positions has moved from James Cook to Kings College, London to work with Surg Cdr Sam Hutchings and there is still a vacancy in the line at RCDM.


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